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Alignment Scissor Lift IT8523

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● Low profile lift, only 180mm when fully lowered, requires less space.

● Surface mounting, ideal for bad ground condition and places that can not be dug.

● Adjustable turntables positions make flexible accommodations for different vehicles.

● Pneumatic mechanical lock automatically engaged when finger leaves up/down button.

● Adjustable turntable positions allow accommodating more vehicles.

● Low voltage controls match CE approvals.

● Alarm buzzes when lift lowered to 500mm above ground, for safety concern.

● All pivot joints made with self-lubrication bushing for long time use.

● Reliable cylinder, chrome-plating honed tube and piston rod, provides long service life.

● Aluminum shell motor with fan on the top, ensures longer running life.

● Anti-surge valve prevents sudden lowering in case hydraulic hose broken.

Data sheet

Data sheet

Model name IT8523
Lifting capacity 3500KG
Net weight 2150KG
Max lifting height 1700mm
Overall width 2120mm
Runway length 4000mm
Runway width 660mm
Capacity of motor 2.2kw
Power supply 110/220/380V, 50/60Hz

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